Sunday, December 27, 2009

[Snob Look: Blues & Purples]

So, last night I watched VintageorTacky's vid on a new years eve look, it was a twist on the sephora look in the catalog. I wanted to take a chance at it... I love it!
Products Used:

Highlighter: Stila Illuminating Glow in Bronze

Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow in Blue (lid)
M.A.C. pigment in Deep Blue Green (crease)
M.A.C. eyeshadow in Carbon (outer V)
M.A.C. eyeshadow in Hepcat (on top of the deep blue green)
Sally Girl single eyeshadow in Aqua (inner corners)
Stila Illuminating glow in Rose Gold (highlight)
N.Y.C. Mineral Powder Eyeliner in Black Onyx (upper liquid liner)
Physicians Formula flat liner in Black (lower liner)
Paint F.X. Cosmetics pigment in Eminent Sparxx (smudged over lower liner)
L.A. Colors Mascara in Black

Lips (not pictured, an afterthought):
N.Y.C. Lipgloss in Clear
Dior lipgloss in lychee luxe #488

*all products were purchased by me.*

[TheShadesOfU Giveaway!]

I stumbled upon this giveaway and entered immediately... The link is here! Enter!

[Snob Haulin': Sephora(!) & Old Navy]

Oh man! I went to the mall intending on paying my macys bill and getting late xmas gifts but ended up blowing my whole check! I looked ahead of time online at the stores at Boca Town Center... I knew Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic had sales but only hit up Old navy. I ended up buying my mom a couple tops (as a late christmas present) and getting my self a few things... I got myself a black cardigan and 2 white tops... very nice and @ $2 a piece, even nicer. I went to Sephora to pick a two gifts (one for each of my besties) and something for myself. As I'm standing in line, I see a box and a lady is standing in front of it and I see $10... DING DING DING DING! I was resisting on buying it, but I caved. (I need to up on my insider points too, lol. I;m at 76 points =]) Anyway, I was so excited to use it, but I was running late for work... So, I got home, and I immediately opened the package. It a set of 2 illuminating powders (that are full size, mind you.) The set comes in rose gold and bronze. These retail at $32 each!!! U ain't gota tell me twice! lol... I was about to buy a mineralized skinfinish from M.A.C. but I spent half as much for 2 times the product! These are two beautiful colors that can be used as highlighter or blush... More info is here. Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Snob Reviews: N.Y.C. Smooth Mineral Loose Eye Powder Kit]

So, while at the dollar store on my break, I saw this mineral powder kit and wanted to try it. I have seen it at Walgreens & Walmart and always passed on it... This time I bought it to give it a chance. I got it home and looked through the packaging, by the way which is very clever. It features a pot with a sifter and a cap to the sifter so the powder doesn't go everywhere. I love it! It also features a little brush/sponge duo and a waterproof sealer (main reason I bought this). The next morning I tried it and instantly fell in love. I used the powder fry at the upper lashline to smoke it out and then did the liquid liner. So pretty! I forgot to post pics of the liner wet but I will do that later. Enjoy! P.S. I liked it so much I bought another the day after! lol

Sunday, December 20, 2009

[Snob Haulin': Sally's]]

So, I went to Sally's today to buy a hair relaxer to do my hair today. I walked around looking at various items. I saw that China Glaze's Matte Magic was reduced to $2.99! I wanted to purchase but skipped out, maybe another time. So anyway, I always stop by the Sally Girl display and peeped the Sally Baked Eyeshadow singles. I was initially looking for a black or carbon color. But found a pretty green and pretty blue. They were only 89¢... Can't beat that price... well check you guys out later. I will probably post a look tomorow... Im hitting up Sawgrass with my bestie!! Time for a nap!

[[My Package Arrived!!]]

My long awaited package had come in the mail yesterday, but didn't check the mail till just now... lol. Anyway, details coming soon... :]

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Snob Haulin':Big Lots]

Sorry about my absence... I guess I have been sort of discouraged because of my lack of followers and lack of a good camera.. Anyway, I wanted to blog about a recent haul that I did over the weekend... I bought two makeup brushes: 1 face powder and 1 eyeshadow smudger. I have tried both brushes and they are very soft. The face brush is perfect for applying face powder and blush... I used the eyeshadow smudger brush yesterday and it looks the same shape of the 219 (pencil brush) from either M.A.C. or Sigma Makeup.. although I do not have these brushes, this brush is a great alternative from the reviews of the above mentioned brushes. I did two looks with this brush and it helped wonders as I didn't have a pointed eye brush before. I would post but my camera is busted at the moment (mentioned in a previous post)... [Update on the camera situation: I am currently saving up for a camera I saw at Target...] Anyway, I will keep in touch... Besos...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[JBreezy's Holiday Giveaway!]

Today, I stumbled upon JBreezy's amazing blog! I saw her giveaway and automatically entered! There are 2 surprise prize packages and addition prize of YSL Rouge Volupte lippie in #13 Peach Passion. Here are the rules from her blog...


Must be a follower
Must be at least 18 years old to join (If you are under 18, please ask mommy and daddy first :])


1 entry- Leave a comment to this post and tell me What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Additonal (1) entry- Repost this Giveway on your blog and leave another comment for this (make sure you answer the question for the 1-entry)

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**Make sure to do the 1 entry before doing additional entries. Winners are chosen using

Deadline for this Giveway is on Wednesday, DECEMBER 16, 2009 @ 11:59 pm Central Time. (Mom's Birthday!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

[Happy Thanksgiving!!]

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day with family and friends! Eat lots and be merry!

[Snob spies...NYX]

So, Black Friday is going to start is officially 13 minutes. I was perusing around looking for makeup sales. I hit up NYX (I have heard of their infamous bundle sales), and I hit up the sales page and their liquid foundation is $1! $1! An astounding $13 off! I have been in the market looking for a foundie (im a newbie). So I'm still trying to decide if I should purchase... I will let you guys know...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

[A Fiery look...]

So, I found this look on my camera last nite and decided to post it... And I tried the faux hawk hairstyle... I really like it for going out... I actually did this look for work the day before Halloween... I got really positive feedback on it... I ended up doing this same hairstyle on my friend for Halloween (She was a vampire from True Blood) but she had a twisted version because I didn't want to tease her thin hair so much....I also did her makeup. I'm goin to put up pics of her too... Let me know what you think...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

[Snob Haul/Review...]

So, this had been put off because I didn't think that my camera worked... But it takes basic pics (no zooming or anything). Anyway, I picked up some things over the past couple of weeks but never got around to blogging about it. Last week, I also picked up my HG makeup remover wipe, Epielle makeup wipes. These are a dollar for 30! I cut mine in half, so 60 for $1. What a great product. At dollar general, I picked up an E.L.F. foundation brush. I love the E.L.F. line of brushes, I have about 4. This is a staple for my makeup kit.

The next thing I purchased is the L.A. Color Mascara in Very Black. Its really good, gives length. And at only a $1?!?!? How could I not purchase it?

Maybelline Great Lip Color with M.A.C. C-Thru lipglass on top...
Maybelline Shine Seduction lipcolor in #620

Anyway, while going to purchase a festive bag at the dollar store for my friends baby shower, I spotted the Maybelline Shine Seduction glossy lipcolor. It looked like a nude color gloss with no shimmer, and I have been trying to find dupes for M.A.C. cremesheen glasses. I hurried up and opened the package on my way to the baby shower and I was so happy I bought two! Its #620. In my opinion, its like a mix of boy bait and partial to pink cremesheen glasses. Also, I purchased a Maybelline Great Wear lip color in Flesh #230. Its a great nudy pinky color. I needed another nude lipstick 'cause I have one but its super frosty... I don't like to wear it too often, so i needed another nude lipstick. It is a great find... Anyway, while I was at T.J. Maxx, I saw Nars Sets of the Monoi and south beach body oils and the lipgloss sets... They were reasonably priced. $19.99 for a lipgloss set. I am going to probably purchase the lipgloss sets next week...

Friday, November 13, 2009

[Snob spies...]

So, today I went to Walgreens to look around a buy my usual Arizona and bag of chips...And while I was walking I spotted face masks and upon closer look... It was from THE FACE SHOP!! I have seen quite a few bloggers talking about these face masks... I was pretty happy... I didn't end up getting one 'cuz I had to put gas in my car, etc. So tomorow morning, I will probably buy one and do a review... Laters....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

[Snob Tunes...]

My two favorite artists have been on heavy rotation in my car lately: Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Lil' Wayne has always been a staple on my Zune but Nicki has broken through. I recently downloaded Nicki's "The Best of Nicki Minaj" and it's been the best mixtape ever! I am in love with her style and her rhyming skills. She was recently featured on the BET hip-Hop Awards in a cypher with Joe Budden, Nipsey Hustle and others. May I say, she was the ONLY female featured! What a groundbreaker... Anyway, I have been following her since Lil' Wayne mentioned her name in one of his mixtapes and seeing her on youtube getting interviewed in an apartment building staircase. She is currently signed to Young Money label and she is steady becoming (if not) the most talked about female rapper these days... 2010 is going to be a great year for her, I can feel it... =)... Now onto Lil' Wayne, he released the "No Ceilings" mixtape this past tuesday or wednesday; and it features remixes and freestyles to the hottest songs right now, including Beyonce's Sweet Dreams. It's a lyrical circus...and if you know Weezy's freestyle flow, its REDONKULOUS.... So check them out for yourself...

[So...I got flaked on...]

Today, I was woken up by phone call saying I wasn't getting paid. That right there, can just F&^% up my day (personally). I remember posting a couple weeks ago that I had a wedding to do this saturday. I knew things were going to fall through, from the get-go. The person that I was supposed to talk to for this make-up gig was my fellow co-workers' mother, who is getting married (today). I had dialogue with my co-worker abouta rate and price and everything was set. This past week, I was running low on cash (I was flat broke) and had spoken to my co-worker about getting an advance on my pay for the make-up job so I can purchase foundation (I have been looking for a foundation palette, but they are crazy priced). My co-worker had told me (earlier this week) and told me that it would be totally fine. [Little background: Me and my co-worker work at an afterschool program at a local elementary school, went to high school together...etc.] As of last week, I realized she has not been coming to work and didn't come to work on friday. I realized I did not know the time or location of the wedding(was planning to ask friday morning). Come to find out, her cell phone is disconnected and I can't call her. I decide to take it to facebook and tell her to contact me[mind you, this is 7 at night.] I didn't get a response of facebook till 1231 in the morning (saw on my cell phone). Got a call at 850 this morning and decided to let it ring (i don't answer unknown numbers)...Lo and behold, it is my co-worker explaining that she has been sick and that her mother had spent my payment on other things and wouldn't be able to pay me till monday... At this point, I am so annoyed. I have no gas, no money and I'm going to have to drive to Boca [I live in Broward County]and not get paid?!?!? You've got to be kidding... I didn't want to waste my time and told her I will not do the job.... I'm sorry but I'm not going to waste my time and not get paid till the next week. That will only show them that I don't really care bout getting paid and they will try to pull one over on me.... OH! And to top that all off, MY CAMERA is BUSTED!!! {End of Rant}

Saturday, October 24, 2009

[Snob Haulin': CCO and Various places...]

Yesterday, my bestie Steph and I went shopping for Halloween, including accessories and makeup. First stop, Swap Shop. Didn't end up getting anything but did spot a lot of things for clubwear. Next stop, beauty supply warehouse. We mainly stopped here because a while back, I had seen Red Cherry & Bliss lashes. They were $1 when I first saw them (6-8 months ago)! They had gone up to $2.99, I believe. They had really nice styles, but not exactly what my friend and I were looking for. Next, we wanted to find nail polish and containers (so I can store my pigments in) and I spotted the Orly brand. I had seen the matte topcoat for males at Sally's before and I was on a mission to find it. I finally found it and swatched it (after I dropped the open bottle on the floor), I was not pleased. It left my nail polish shiny (opposite of matte lol). 3rd stop: SAWGRASS MALL!!! I love this mall! The place we always hit up first is Off Saks 5th, and striaght to the CCO (cosmetic company outlet). I wanted to see if they had the BBU Foundation palette (Bobbi Brown). It's because I have a wedding to do next month. I did spot the brights palette. Anyway, move onto my fav brand: M.A.C.! They had the usual but I spotted the some items from the Style Warrior collection: solar bits, 1 eyeshadow (the dark brown one). I saw the usual eyeshadows and pigments but a couple caught my eye. Blue flame and star by night. These are beautiful blue shades. Blue flame is a shimmery navy blue and str by night is a midtone blue. I haven't swatched aquavert (a repromote in Sugarsweet), and I totally fell in love with it. Its a baeutiful mint color with a pretty shimmer. They had also a shadestick (lemon chiffon) and the tri-colour lipglasses. They also had fresh green mix (which I have been lemming for the longest time), pink split (not WoC friendly) and other piggies. I also saw the Astonish all over gloss (discontinued). This is an all purpose gloss that can be used as a base for eyeshadow/glitter, and a highlighter. I shuffled over to the palette and brushes that they had, and I saw the Carmine eye brush set with the all mighty 239 brush!!! I almost died. They carried both Dame Edna palettes, Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette, and... (cue the drums...) Tempting Quad (Yay!) and an old school quad that I can't remember the name right now.... Anyway, I'm thinking of saving up to buy a makeup bag... It was from an OLD school collab with some Richard guy. I then looked at the brushes they had... 129SH, 181SE and the 225 brush, which is not on their site. After that, we ended up the fetish factory in Broward. My friend was lloking for corsets and I was lloking for stripper shoes for my costume. Upon leaving, I found Medusa's Makeup at the counter! I was the happiest little girl ever! I was finally able to feel and touch the product (I had only seen them online). But, I am definitely going to purchase them from the store than online because shipping rates are REDONKULOUS!! Then, we ended up at a dollar store/beauty supply store and spotted some Bliss and Red Cherry lashes for $2.50, i think. (As you can tell its been a long day) I ended up going to the nail polish section and spotted Orly. And in the mierda (crap) of nail polishes, I found diamonds in the rough. ORLY Satin MATTE FINISH NAIL COLOR!!!!!!! I almost died! Anyway, the guy was trying to convince me to buy 4 nail polishes (I only wanted 2 of them) for $6. Anyway, I ended up buy 2 for $4. i got a gryish purple duochrome and a deep purple, which is similar to the matte couture that orly has released recently. I'm so happy with my tiny tiny purchase... Enjoy the pics.. Later...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[My bad...]

I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately... I have been going through some personal issues and I'm slowly trying to resolve them. My job, school and personal things have been piling up and I'm taking everything one day at a time. I will be back to blogging soon. On a lighter note, I started booking makeup jobs. Recently, my friend Steph's lil sister had homecoming and I assigned myself to hair and makeup. Long story short, I did her makeup AND her friend's makeup. YAY!! So my besties older sister has been my walking billboard and her friend wantes to me to do her halloween makeup. YAY! Then, I talked to my co-worker and I mentioned he mother's upcoming wedding. Come to find out, she already mentioned it to her n=mother about my makeup skills. Today, we finally reached a set price!! YAY!!!! I will be sure to take plenty of pics of both the halloween and wedding photos... Anyway, Peace out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Magic, Mirth, And Mischief Event Part Dos]

The top left hand corner is the mineralized shadoes and the rest are dazzleglasses and
lipsticks... sorry I didn't take better pictures to name the colors..... The blue is part of the Blue Sorcery mineralized shadow...

So, I finally stole the pictures from my B.F.F.L. Che (she took all the pics). They are all little blurry from us jumppin and bouncing off the walls from the food and sugar that they were giving out at the event. After this, we made a video to hopefully upload on youtube by the end of the weekend... Link coming soon. Enjoy!
Oh... and Temptalia has all the pics from the MMM Collection! And its up on

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Magic, Mirth and Mischief Event @ M.A.C. Part Uno]

Last night (Oct. 6th), My friend Che and I went to the Magic, Mirth and Mischief event at our local M.A.C. I had gotten the invite the day before and quickly RSVP'ed. I was really excited! My first M.A.C. event! On to the event, at the door, there was a beautiful woman that was dressed as the model on the MMM Collection. (If you haven't seen it, hit up Temptalia) She gave out a little bottle of bubbles to every person. There were holiday displays all over the store and of course, a HUGE crowd of people surrounding them. My friend and I eventually hit up the Lip/Eye bags. It is a series of 4 bags which contain 3 lip products or 4 eye products. They retail for $36.50 and it is a great value! In the eye bags, you get a full size pigment and fluidline, a 209 brush and a promo size of Zoomblack.
Lip/Eye Bags
Put A Spell on You Pink lip bag:
Dream Lipstick (LE)
Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (Perm.)
Dervish lip pencil (promo size, perm.)
House of Mirth Deep lip bag:
Fantasia lipstick (LE)
Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass (Perm.)
Cedar lip pencil (promo size, perm.)
Naughty Noir Eye bag:
Blacktrack fluidline (Perm.)
Shimmertime pigment (promo size, perm.)
Zoomblack (promo size, perm.)
209 SE brush
Alakazam! Chocolate Eye bag:
Richground fluidline (Perm.)
Melon pigment (Perm.)
Zoomblack (promo size, perm.)
Then, we moved onto the Mineralized eyeshadow duos:
Midnight Madness
Under Your Spell
Its a Miracle
Blue Sorcery
These eyeshadows are packaged simlar to the trios that came out last fall... ex: Danger Zone and Interview. There is a shadow paired with a glitter. These eyeshadows are gorgeous! Sawtches coming soon =)
Then there were the dazzleglasses...
I was completely floored when seeing these in person! (I had seen these on All Cosmetics Wholesale The star of the group was Jingle-Jangle. Its a soft pink with holographic reflective glitter. Its so beautiful.
Next, out of the corner of my eye, I see the familiar cremesheen glass tube (I was standing behind the display because there was so much people.) I almost fainted! I really wanted to try these but missed it when the collection was launched! The shades they are repromoting are:
Partial to Pink
Boy Bait
Ever So Rich < I need to buy 1645324 of these!! Very complimentary to WoC.
I kinda skipped out on the lipstick:
Pervette (Perm.)
Total Wow!(LE)
Suprise Me (LE)
Utter Fun(LE)
I also skipped out on the softsparkle eye pencils:
Iris Accents
Pro Lash (Coal black)
Next, we tried the mineralize blush:
Conjure Up(LE)
These blushes are f'in pretty!!!
Next, onto nail polishes:
$$$$$ Yes (reprom. from Fafi)silver
Lucky Number blue pink
Oh, I just looked at the sheet and I just realized that some of the sets werent out yet... such as the liner and pigment sets..but anyway, onto more goods...
We had hit up the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief lip, eye and face kits at the end. The pics are here.
Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows
Sorceress Eye shadows
Mystic Cool Eye Shadows
Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadows
Possessed By Pink! Lip Kit
Hocus Focus Colourful Face kit
Fab-Racadabra Bronze face Kit
There are also brush bags... but you can hop over to Temptalia for that... the link is here
Also, there are sets for face.
There was 2 sets: These sets retail for $59.50. They include a mineralize skinfinish, mineralize blush and a mineralize eyeshadow.
Fun in The Sun

Oh, I finally know my color in M.A.C.'s foundations: NW45!
I'm putting together a wishlist, so that will be up soon. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[Startin' my makeup portfolio...]

So, the other night my bff Steph aka Twinkie was going to South beach for a night out. I suggested I be her stylist/makeup artist. I picked out a great outfit: a pencil skirt and a teal halter with a silver necklace detail. Anyway, i wanted to try a hand at full face makeup opposed to just eye makeup.... Let me know what you guys think.

Monday, October 5, 2009

[Unnecessary Drama's Jesse's Girl Giveaway!]

Unnecessary Drama is giving away 4 beautiful Jesse's Girl eyedusts! She is including Blue Moon, Fruit Punch, Pixie Dust, & Peek-a-Boo.
These are her rules:
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Good Luck!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

[Stacieee's 200+ Followers Giveaway!]

Stacieee is having a giveaway courtesy to her first 200+ followers! She is giving away an amazing 18-piece prize pack...
List of prizes:
ELF studio kabuki brush
ELF studio bronzer (warm)
ELF natural lash kit (2 pair)
Darkness False Lashes (2 pair)
ELF contouring blush/bronzer duo
Jessica Fancy Love perfume sample
ELF eyeshadow brushes (2)
7 ELF Studio brushes
- complexion brush
- powder brush
- eyeshadow c brush
- small angled brush
- dome contour brush
- Fan brush
2 of Staciees handcrafted bracelets
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