Friday, August 27, 2010

[[.FOTD: Featuring a Look Inspired by Julieg713.]]

Hey guys! I'm back again with a FOTD! Hope you guys like the look. I pulled inspiration from Julieg713's vid. You can view it here. I used M.A.C., L'Oreal and my 120 palette.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[[.Haul Time: Dollar Tree & Dollar Store!.]]

Wow, I totally forgot to take a collective picture but will update later. Anywho, I went to the Dollar Tree 2x today because I had to pick up various items. I ended up picking up N.Y.C.'s Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder (2) and Almays Pure Blends Mascara (2). I bought this because I want to use the darker shade to contour and have heard wonderful things about this... This is Bronze Mist #718
I bought the mascara earlier in the day and I completely fell in the love with it. It is 97.5%natural, what is absolutely wonderful. The formula is very light. This mascara is the sh*t! I freakin' love it. It so amazing!! Best mascara I have tried next to my M.A.C. Dazzlelash. And at a freakin' dollar! I got to go back to get about 2 more. The brush is cool. It has like a comb and two sides and 2 rows of fibers just like a reg mascara... if that makes sense? Anywho, it separates and covers each lash but doesn't leave it clumpy or goopy! Man, where has this mascara been all my life! If you're going pasta dollar tree, get this!
So, I stopped by a local dollar/beauty supply store, hopeful to find NYX. I didn't find it, but I did spot some good ass deals. The cashier was very nice in pointing me in the direction of their sale items. These particular bins had items marked as $.75! I wanted to buy NYX's candy glitter liners at the beauty supply in my last post, but found these at a better deal. So my grand total was $2.39! That is less than 1 NYX Candy glitter liner! So, I'm very happy with my purchase and might be going back for more...
The brand is called Love Me 365, and the product name is Stardust glitter liner.
Colors (from R to L): Santa Monica (blue), 3rd Street Promenade (green), and Beverly Blvd. (Gold)

Colors from L-R: Blue, Green, Gold.

And that's the end! Hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to follow me on Twitter! I'm always on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[[.FOTD:Green Look Inspired by The Original QueenBMakeup.]]

Hi guys! I'm back with a FOTD using my 120 palette from eBay! I was so excited to use this palette as I have heard a lot of great things about it. I was really pleased with this palette as it has many types of finishes to the eyeshadows. In this look, I used matte and shimmer. The look was inspired by The Original QueenBMakeup. She is amazing with blendng and color combinations. Check her out here.
Enjoy the pics...

Have a nice day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

[[.Finally my 120 palette has arrived!.]]

So, after 10 days of anxiously waiting, my 120 palette finally came in the mail today. I am so excited to use this. I have been looking around Youtube for some inspiration for some looks that I will try for the next few days. So, I will keep you guys updated with those looks. For anyone who is interested, I got the palette for around $4.75+$8 S&H. What a steal!
It came packaged beautifully with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure no shadows were broken. (I have heard horror stories.)
The box it came in...
Tray one
Tray 2
Hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to follow me here and on Twitter, @LaReinaDeFL... I need some Twit-Friends... :) Have a nice night y'all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

[[.1st Successful Attempt @ A Cut Crease Look!.]]

...After many unsecceful ones :(. Well, here it is! Finally, a cut crease look that I can deem successful. If anyone's asking, I would definitely go out with this look. I feel it is dramatic but not so dramatic (does that make sense?). Here, I used very inexpensive products (Dollar Tree, HOLLA!).
Products Used:
-L'Oreal Cream Paint in Witty
-Wet N Wild white kohl pencil (all over lid as a base)
-Blue from L.A. Colors Tropical Palette
-Black Radiance Black Kohl Pencil
-M.A.C. e/s in Carbon
-Dollar Store Black e/s
-M.A.C. Shroom & Kid (mixed and used a highlight)
-Wet N Wild Black Liquid Liner
-Wet N Wild Lengthening Mascara in Black

Enjoy the pics! Hopefully, this will help some of you out there!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

[[.NYX Cosmetics & Wet 'N Wild! AHHHHH!.]]

Holy shrimp!! Today was a good day! I went out just looking around and found a beauty supply store when I was driving around. I wanted to take a look since I had been on a hunt for NYX Cosmetics since like forever! I walked into the store, and lo and behold, a huge NYX display was staring back at me. In that exact moment, in my head, I screamed like Squidward in that one episode where he found the room with all the Krabby Patties, "HOLY SHRIMP!". I actually saw the lipstick/lipgloss display, but I digress... I picked out around 5 lipsticks but realized they all looked alike. I ended up getting 3 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss. The lipsticks/lipgloss were $1.99 each. 1 lipstick I might end up swapping with my friend.After that, I ended up at Kmart. I really wanted to pick up some Wet 'N Wild blush but I just ended up buying their kabuki brush. The one I bought last week ended up being poor quality and sheds faster than a collie. (LOL) At $3.99, how can I lose? I'm happy with my purchase.
The infamous NYX round lipsticks and my first NYX round lipgloss in Natural. I bought Circe (coming up on HG status), Orion and Creon. They are pictured here from right to left. Creon is way too dark for my liking. I will be swapping this.
Here are the swatches. Its the round lipgloss in natural, Creon, Orion and Circe.
And the piece of resistance or piec de resistance in french. RED CHERRY LASHES!!!
I believe they were $1.99 a piece and $2.99 for the bedazzled or colored ones.
I got nubers #42 and #47. I am so excited to get these. Years ago, I found some but at that particular store, inflation hit and now they are $4 a piece at that store.
Well, that's the end of my post! Hope you guys enjoyed!
Oh, and shout out to my new followers! Thanks, I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to read my blog....
Later guys! Besitos!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

[[.FOTD: Bronzey brown eyes...]]

So, today I went out looking for a job. I wanted to do a nice, smokey look but light enough for a job interview. I just went to apply for a few jobs, and had a little impromptu interview... Anyway, after that, I had went to Walgreens & Dollar General to see if I could pick up makeup goodies. I went to Walgreens and saw the usual buy one, get one 50% off... Whatever happened to the buy one, get one free?? Anyway, apparently Physician's Formula is not a great seller and spotted a ton of products on sale. Anyway, I purchased a L'Oreal Studio Secrets Chrome Liquid Eyeliner in Bronze Shimmer. (Review coming soon.) Oh, I also purchased my first 120 palette from eBay a few days ago... Yay! Now, I just have to wait for 2-3 weeks till it gets here. I bought it for a whopping $13.50! Most palettes are in the range of $20-$30! (YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!) GREAT NEWSSSSSS: GUESS WHO CALLED ME TUESDAY AFTERNOON??!??!?! LADY BURD COSMETICS!!! At first thought, I was thinking "Why in the world are THEY calling me?". The nice lady just said that they wanted to confirm my address to send the catalogue. I'm thinking, "Okay, completely normal". Then she goes onto to tell me about a launch party!!! Anyway, I'm definitely going and will update you guys. UMM, I lost my train of thought... Oh! Here are the pics of my FOTD.... By the way, I apologize for the blurry pics. A new camera is in the works! I will add more pics once my internet stops acting stupid. Besitos.

Monday, August 2, 2010

[[.Nail of the Week!.]]

Hey guys, I'm back again with my first NOTW! Yay! I wanted to start this type of post to increase the amount of postings on my blog. Anywhoo, this is a very simple manicure that anyone can do without going out and buying new polish...

Products Used:
Hoof Horsetail Nail Hardener (I use this instead of a base coat)
NYC French Manicure in 146 Love Letters
Sinful Colors in Queen of Beauty
LA Colors Art Deco in Yellow
NYC Extra Shiny Topcoat #146

Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Have a nice day and see you later!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

[[.Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art's 500+ Follower Giveaway!.]]

I was perusing the blogs and came across this wonderful blog. Jen's blog is very well organized and informative... Anyways, she is having a wonderful giveaway with amazing prizes to celebrate reaching 500+ followers.
Here's the info:
As you may know, I have surpassed 500 followers on my blog! I never expected to meet so many wonderful blogging friends. It has been such an amazing blogging experience and I look forward to doing this for a long time! Thank you so much for the continuous love and support.
So as a thank you gift, I am doing a giveaway! This giveaway will consist of a grand prize winner and two runner-up winners.
Grand Prize:
MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skin Finish (Limited Edition), MAC Viva Glam Gaga (Limited Edition), MAC Preppy Lip Gelee (Limited Edition), MAC Fibre Rich Lash, MAC 109 Brush, MAC 188 Brush
First Runner Up Prize
Urban Decay Acid Rain Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Video Ultraglide Lip Gloss
Second Runner-Up prize:

NYX Paprika Sparkle Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss, NYX Plum Sparkle Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss, NYX Beige Sparkle Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss, NYX Rust Sparkle Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss

The winners will be selected randomly and privately contacted. Giveaway ends August 16, 2010 11:59 PM PST. Open to international followers. In order to enter, please follow a few simple rules. Invalid entries will not be accepted. I do not accept entries from blogs that were created solely to enter giveaways. (Yes I will be checking.)

Giveaway rules:
- Must be a follower of my blog. Please leave a comment under this post telling me which upcoming makeup collection you're looking forward to. Don't forget to leave your email address as well. (1 entry)

Additional entries:
- Post about this giveaway in a blog post or on the sidelink of your blog. Must link to my giveaway post. Your post must include grand prize picture (the one with MAC prizes). (4 entries)
- Follow me on Twitter and tweet about my giveaway. (2 extra entries)