Monday, August 31, 2009

[Lemon Lime Look]

[[Warning: My camera is ultra crappy but I did what I could...]]
[[EXTRA Warning: Please do not mind my bushy ass eyebrows... im gettin em done by the weekend...]]
So... this is my first EOTD or FOTD... Whatever you wanna call it... I saw Tina Marie Online's blog and saw a really pretty green look and I wanted to recreate it... I wanted to go with yellows, bright greens and dark greens. I used a variety of stuff, from drugstore to m.a.c., so this look is easily achievable...
Products Used:
Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Moisturizer

L'Oreal H.I.P. Paint in Witty
L.A. Colors Loose Shadow in Sunshine
L.A. Colors Palette in Enchanted
Revlon Soft on the Eyes Palette in Sub-Lime
Prestige eyeshadow in Iguana
M.A.C. pigment in Deep Blue Green
Matte black eyeshadow from 99¢ store
Physicians Formula flat-liner in Ultra Black
N.Y.C. liquid liner in black
N.Y.C. mascara in black

Bonne Bell Liquid lipstick [unknown shade]
N.Y.C. lipgloss in clear
Hard Candy Candy coating sparkling lip gloss in
Caramel << great dupe for
M.A.C. dazzleglasses [this one is similar to Utterly posh]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

[Another fellow bloggers giveaway!!! {M.A.C Goodies!!!}]

Hello there!! I just wanted to post a link for a fellow bloggers giveaway presented for SweetShuGaHon celebrating her first 100 followers!! It is an incredibly easy contest... Just simply comment on which eyeshadow lipstick lipglass and blush you would like to win (you would have to subscribed of course)and post a link on your own blog about the contest (and post that along with your picks)... And thats it!! The contest ends September 25th, 2009. there will be only one winner, so good luck!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[I hate school... :/]

So.... I definitely procrastinated till the last minute to sign up for classes in college.Now, I'm paying the consequences.. I have 5 night classes... and one saturday class < WTF?? yeah.. I'm definitely not a happy camper right now... AND I'm trying to get another job. Definitely a fun filled stress out week.... Holla at me....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

[Jaimie's September Contest]

I stumbled across Jaimie's blog and noticed that she is hosting a contest for her 22nd birthday!! This will be my official first contest that I am entering!! Wish me luck! The contest ends September 30th!! There are 3 ways to win!!! First, there is a look inspired by cakes contest; Second, You have to be a follower of both her blogs Just Kiss 'n makeup & A taste of a poison paradise(easiest way); Third, to just be an active commenter. Go check it out and have some fun!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Paint FX Cosmetics]

Last week, I finally recieved my shipment of samples from Paint FX Cosmetics. I had ordered 4 pigments from their penny sampler promotion on the site.I had ordered Emote (dark shimmery green), Eminent Sparxx (royal shimmery blue), Malignity Rouge (burgundy with shimmer) and tonic (matte bright purple). I also ordered samples of glitter. I got one for my friend in frictious Z and got myself oath (reddish burgundy glitter). The penny sampler is a great option fro anyone that does not want to make a commitment to a full jar. The baggies look pretty small but you can get a good amount of uses from them. The colors are very pigmented and smooth... So thats my sort of "review". Check them out...

[New M.A.C. Goodies]

So, I went to M.A.C. a couple weeks ago just to look around. I was staring at the palettes [15 shadow] and I had a couple extra dollars so I went ahead and purchased it... So exciting. The MUA wanted to suggest some shadows to go along with it... but i beat her to the punch, I had my own little list. I ended up choosing carbon because the matte black eyeshadow I had [dollar store brand]came out looking gray in pics and natural lighting. I wanted to get Paradisco but it came out too light... Nevertheless, I'm happy with my purchase!! Oh, I had 3 other eyeshadow pans from a quad I had gotten from a friend a LONG time ago... Kid and Brown Down...

[It's just not my scene...]

Last night, I went to a going away party with my two friends.... We were thinking that the party was goin to be poppin' and whatever... We walk into the house and theres music blasting and people just standing around... My friends and I just looked at each other... We just shrugged it off and stood around thinking that party might pick up... COMPLETE FAIL!!!! The music was real good but my friend and I [we're both 20, her sis is 18] were just out of place... I'm thinking that we past that stage... Anyway, theres a keg and bottles everywhere... [NOT GOOD]. People were trying to dance [I REPEAT: TRYING]... My friend and I just felt bad for chick...she was looking like a damn dog in heat.... ANYWHOO, long story short... house parties are so 5 years ago [at least to me and my friend]... I think we will just stick to clubs...less f***foolery walking around....

[I didn't post pics cause it wasn't worth it...and need a new camera.]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

[[You want some ink...?]]

So.... I came up with the idea of getting matching tattoos with my two best friends... One of my fridns Princess Che is hype about it... im thinkin of gettin a bow with her initials and shes thinkin of gettin a heart with angel wings.... My other best friend Twinkie a.k.a. La Chonga [inside joke] is thinkin bout gettin un estrella [a star] somewhere on her cuerpo... i dont know... Meanwhile, im thinking of getting some new piercings but i'm not sure....

[[My Intro]]

Hi Chicas!! It's ya girl La La a.k.a. La Reina... I just wanted to introduce myself to y'all. I'm a normal [sometimes] 2o year old that is obsessed with makeup, especially M.A.C. & makeup forever, piercing, tattoos, and fashion... I am aspiring to become a makeup artist [freelance], but for now, i am goin to school for nursing... This blog is mostly going to be bout makeup beauty and fashion.. So have a good time reading and enjoy...