Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Magic, Mirth and Mischief Event @ M.A.C. Part Uno]

Last night (Oct. 6th), My friend Che and I went to the Magic, Mirth and Mischief event at our local M.A.C. I had gotten the invite the day before and quickly RSVP'ed. I was really excited! My first M.A.C. event! On to the event, at the door, there was a beautiful woman that was dressed as the model on the MMM Collection. (If you haven't seen it, hit up Temptalia) She gave out a little bottle of bubbles to every person. There were holiday displays all over the store and of course, a HUGE crowd of people surrounding them. My friend and I eventually hit up the Lip/Eye bags. It is a series of 4 bags which contain 3 lip products or 4 eye products. They retail for $36.50 and it is a great value! In the eye bags, you get a full size pigment and fluidline, a 209 brush and a promo size of Zoomblack.
Lip/Eye Bags
Put A Spell on You Pink lip bag:
Dream Lipstick (LE)
Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (Perm.)
Dervish lip pencil (promo size, perm.)
House of Mirth Deep lip bag:
Fantasia lipstick (LE)
Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass (Perm.)
Cedar lip pencil (promo size, perm.)
Naughty Noir Eye bag:
Blacktrack fluidline (Perm.)
Shimmertime pigment (promo size, perm.)
Zoomblack (promo size, perm.)
209 SE brush
Alakazam! Chocolate Eye bag:
Richground fluidline (Perm.)
Melon pigment (Perm.)
Zoomblack (promo size, perm.)
Then, we moved onto the Mineralized eyeshadow duos:
Midnight Madness
Under Your Spell
Its a Miracle
Blue Sorcery
These eyeshadows are packaged simlar to the trios that came out last fall... ex: Danger Zone and Interview. There is a shadow paired with a glitter. These eyeshadows are gorgeous! Sawtches coming soon =)
Then there were the dazzleglasses...
I was completely floored when seeing these in person! (I had seen these on All Cosmetics Wholesale The star of the group was Jingle-Jangle. Its a soft pink with holographic reflective glitter. Its so beautiful.
Next, out of the corner of my eye, I see the familiar cremesheen glass tube (I was standing behind the display because there was so much people.) I almost fainted! I really wanted to try these but missed it when the collection was launched! The shades they are repromoting are:
Partial to Pink
Boy Bait
Ever So Rich < I need to buy 1645324 of these!! Very complimentary to WoC.
I kinda skipped out on the lipstick:
Pervette (Perm.)
Total Wow!(LE)
Suprise Me (LE)
Utter Fun(LE)
I also skipped out on the softsparkle eye pencils:
Iris Accents
Pro Lash (Coal black)
Next, we tried the mineralize blush:
Conjure Up(LE)
These blushes are f'in pretty!!!
Next, onto nail polishes:
$$$$$ Yes (reprom. from Fafi)silver
Lucky Number blue pink
Oh, I just looked at the sheet and I just realized that some of the sets werent out yet... such as the liner and pigment sets..but anyway, onto more goods...
We had hit up the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief lip, eye and face kits at the end. The pics are here.
Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows
Sorceress Eye shadows
Mystic Cool Eye Shadows
Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadows
Possessed By Pink! Lip Kit
Hocus Focus Colourful Face kit
Fab-Racadabra Bronze face Kit
There are also brush bags... but you can hop over to Temptalia for that... the link is here
Also, there are sets for face.
There was 2 sets: These sets retail for $59.50. They include a mineralize skinfinish, mineralize blush and a mineralize eyeshadow.
Fun in The Sun

Oh, I finally know my color in M.A.C.'s foundations: NW45!
I'm putting together a wishlist, so that will be up soon. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed!

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