Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Snob Haulin':Big Lots]

Sorry about my absence... I guess I have been sort of discouraged because of my lack of followers and lack of a good camera.. Anyway, I wanted to blog about a recent haul that I did over the weekend... I bought two makeup brushes: 1 face powder and 1 eyeshadow smudger. I have tried both brushes and they are very soft. The face brush is perfect for applying face powder and blush... I used the eyeshadow smudger brush yesterday and it looks the same shape of the 219 (pencil brush) from either M.A.C. or Sigma Makeup.. although I do not have these brushes, this brush is a great alternative from the reviews of the above mentioned brushes. I did two looks with this brush and it helped wonders as I didn't have a pointed eye brush before. I would post but my camera is busted at the moment (mentioned in a previous post)... [Update on the camera situation: I am currently saving up for a camera I saw at Target...] Anyway, I will keep in touch... Besos...

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