Saturday, October 24, 2009

[Snob Haulin': CCO and Various places...]

Yesterday, my bestie Steph and I went shopping for Halloween, including accessories and makeup. First stop, Swap Shop. Didn't end up getting anything but did spot a lot of things for clubwear. Next stop, beauty supply warehouse. We mainly stopped here because a while back, I had seen Red Cherry & Bliss lashes. They were $1 when I first saw them (6-8 months ago)! They had gone up to $2.99, I believe. They had really nice styles, but not exactly what my friend and I were looking for. Next, we wanted to find nail polish and containers (so I can store my pigments in) and I spotted the Orly brand. I had seen the matte topcoat for males at Sally's before and I was on a mission to find it. I finally found it and swatched it (after I dropped the open bottle on the floor), I was not pleased. It left my nail polish shiny (opposite of matte lol). 3rd stop: SAWGRASS MALL!!! I love this mall! The place we always hit up first is Off Saks 5th, and striaght to the CCO (cosmetic company outlet). I wanted to see if they had the BBU Foundation palette (Bobbi Brown). It's because I have a wedding to do next month. I did spot the brights palette. Anyway, move onto my fav brand: M.A.C.! They had the usual but I spotted the some items from the Style Warrior collection: solar bits, 1 eyeshadow (the dark brown one). I saw the usual eyeshadows and pigments but a couple caught my eye. Blue flame and star by night. These are beautiful blue shades. Blue flame is a shimmery navy blue and str by night is a midtone blue. I haven't swatched aquavert (a repromote in Sugarsweet), and I totally fell in love with it. Its a baeutiful mint color with a pretty shimmer. They had also a shadestick (lemon chiffon) and the tri-colour lipglasses. They also had fresh green mix (which I have been lemming for the longest time), pink split (not WoC friendly) and other piggies. I also saw the Astonish all over gloss (discontinued). This is an all purpose gloss that can be used as a base for eyeshadow/glitter, and a highlighter. I shuffled over to the palette and brushes that they had, and I saw the Carmine eye brush set with the all mighty 239 brush!!! I almost died. They carried both Dame Edna palettes, Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette, and... (cue the drums...) Tempting Quad (Yay!) and an old school quad that I can't remember the name right now.... Anyway, I'm thinking of saving up to buy a makeup bag... It was from an OLD school collab with some Richard guy. I then looked at the brushes they had... 129SH, 181SE and the 225 brush, which is not on their site. After that, we ended up the fetish factory in Broward. My friend was lloking for corsets and I was lloking for stripper shoes for my costume. Upon leaving, I found Medusa's Makeup at the counter! I was the happiest little girl ever! I was finally able to feel and touch the product (I had only seen them online). But, I am definitely going to purchase them from the store than online because shipping rates are REDONKULOUS!! Then, we ended up at a dollar store/beauty supply store and spotted some Bliss and Red Cherry lashes for $2.50, i think. (As you can tell its been a long day) I ended up going to the nail polish section and spotted Orly. And in the mierda (crap) of nail polishes, I found diamonds in the rough. ORLY Satin MATTE FINISH NAIL COLOR!!!!!!! I almost died! Anyway, the guy was trying to convince me to buy 4 nail polishes (I only wanted 2 of them) for $6. Anyway, I ended up buy 2 for $4. i got a gryish purple duochrome and a deep purple, which is similar to the matte couture that orly has released recently. I'm so happy with my tiny tiny purchase... Enjoy the pics.. Later...

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