Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Snob Reviews: N.Y.C. Smooth Mineral Loose Eye Powder Kit]

So, while at the dollar store on my break, I saw this mineral powder kit and wanted to try it. I have seen it at Walgreens & Walmart and always passed on it... This time I bought it to give it a chance. I got it home and looked through the packaging, by the way which is very clever. It features a pot with a sifter and a cap to the sifter so the powder doesn't go everywhere. I love it! It also features a little brush/sponge duo and a waterproof sealer (main reason I bought this). The next morning I tried it and instantly fell in love. I used the powder fry at the upper lashline to smoke it out and then did the liquid liner. So pretty! I forgot to post pics of the liner wet but I will do that later. Enjoy! P.S. I liked it so much I bought another the day after! lol

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