Saturday, November 7, 2009

[So...I got flaked on...]

Today, I was woken up by phone call saying I wasn't getting paid. That right there, can just F&^% up my day (personally). I remember posting a couple weeks ago that I had a wedding to do this saturday. I knew things were going to fall through, from the get-go. The person that I was supposed to talk to for this make-up gig was my fellow co-workers' mother, who is getting married (today). I had dialogue with my co-worker abouta rate and price and everything was set. This past week, I was running low on cash (I was flat broke) and had spoken to my co-worker about getting an advance on my pay for the make-up job so I can purchase foundation (I have been looking for a foundation palette, but they are crazy priced). My co-worker had told me (earlier this week) and told me that it would be totally fine. [Little background: Me and my co-worker work at an afterschool program at a local elementary school, went to high school together...etc.] As of last week, I realized she has not been coming to work and didn't come to work on friday. I realized I did not know the time or location of the wedding(was planning to ask friday morning). Come to find out, her cell phone is disconnected and I can't call her. I decide to take it to facebook and tell her to contact me[mind you, this is 7 at night.] I didn't get a response of facebook till 1231 in the morning (saw on my cell phone). Got a call at 850 this morning and decided to let it ring (i don't answer unknown numbers)...Lo and behold, it is my co-worker explaining that she has been sick and that her mother had spent my payment on other things and wouldn't be able to pay me till monday... At this point, I am so annoyed. I have no gas, no money and I'm going to have to drive to Boca [I live in Broward County]and not get paid?!?!? You've got to be kidding... I didn't want to waste my time and told her I will not do the job.... I'm sorry but I'm not going to waste my time and not get paid till the next week. That will only show them that I don't really care bout getting paid and they will try to pull one over on me.... OH! And to top that all off, MY CAMERA is BUSTED!!! {End of Rant}

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