Thursday, October 28, 2010

[.Ben Nye Online Haul!.]

My package finally arrived! After two long weeks of waiting, it's finally here. I ordered some Ben Nye products from Before I ordered, I wanted to do some research on it... I looked at PurseBuzz's site for her review and swatches. I was instantly hooked. And just for the pigment alone, there was way more product and value compared to M.A.C. 8 grams for $7.20! What a steal anyway... Look at all the pretty pictures...
I am really happy with my purchase! I did a look with cherry red but I didn't have a chance to take a picture. :( Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. Talk to you guys later!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FOTD: I don't remember when...

HI guys! Here I am, back again! I wanted to do some sort of post because I have been on a hiatus. Also, I have been testing a new eyeshadow primer... Enjoy! OH!!! I met Katrina from! She's so freakin pretty!

Let me know if you want a run down of the products I used!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[[. Collective Haul.]]

Well, Here it is... My collective haul from the past couple of weeks. I got some stuff coming in the mail, but will review that later. Also, I'm testing out the Jordana eye primer.... Review coming soon! I bought my boyfriend a gift and bath and body works and I got the two free items for myself. I got two body washes in dark kiss and midnight pomegranate. Both amazing fruity and dark (?) scents. And it has an amazing shimmer to it. I can't wait to recieve my package... I have been waiting for approximately a week for it. It will be arriving here on monday. Oh yeah, I got a Wet n Wild palette in Greed when walgreens was having their 50% off sale. Then, there was a dollar off coupon. So I got it for only $1.99. And picked up the neutrogena shipe sheets at big lots for only $.70. What a deal! So, I scoped out the new holiday palettes and they're very pretty... Although, I think i only wany snow sprite (?) Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the post.