Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[[.M.A.C. Wonder Woman!.]]

Have you guys senn this yet????? Some of you have heard since summer 2010 that M.A.C. will be coming out with a collection featuring the ever-iconic Wonder Woman. I am so excited for this set and plan to save up to purchase almost all of the products. For the past couple of M.A.C. collections, I have had my eye on a couple products, but when the collection comes out, I miss out out on it. This time I am determined to purchase whatever my heart desires, tee hee :).
Here is a run down of all the products:

Marquise D - Sandy Cream Beige (L)
Russian Red - Intense Blue Red (M)
Spitfire [LE] - Bright Magenta (S)
Heroine [LE] - Brown Bronze (F)

Emancipation [LE] - Pale Pink
Wonder Woman [LE] - Red
Athena's Kiss [LE] - Fuschia
Secret Identity [LE] - Copper

Victorious[LE]- Purple
Army of Amazons[LE] - Green
Themyscira [LE]- Blue

Penultimater Liner in Black

Nail Lacquer:
Obey Me Red [LE]- Real Red
Spirit of Truth [LE]- Navy Blue


-Defiance:Iridescent white pink (VP)
-Paradise Island:Warm, soft pink (S)
-Star Studded:Mid tone violet pink (S)
-Real Drama:Deep Burgundy w/ pink pearl (S)

Lady Justice [LE]:
-Lady Justice: Silver (F)
-Insurmountable: Blue grey (VP)
-Bold Babe: Blue w/ white pearl (F)
-Deep truth: Dark blue(F)[Permanent]

Valiant [LE]:
-Valiant: Lime w/yellow pearl (F)
-Spinning Transformation: Deep Olive (F)
-Diana Undercover: Dark forest green (S)
-Manila Paper: Pale Frost white gold (VP)[Permanent]

Photo courtesy of Musing of A Muse

Reflects Glitter:
-Reflects Pearl [PRO]: White glitter with pearl sheen
-Reflects Bronze [PRO]: Sparkling Rich Gold
-Bright Fuschia [Permanent]
-Marine Ultra [PRO]

Blush Duo:
-Mighty Aphrodite:
-Amazon Princess:

-Pink Power:
-Golden Lariat:

Wonder Woman Makeup Bag
-Wonder Woman Red (Limited Edition)
-Bulletproof Blue (Limited Edition)
Utility Belt Eye Brush Set (Limited Edition)
Utility Belt Face Brush Set (Limited Edition)
Invicible Mirror (Limited Edition)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[[.My Revlon Package.]]

In the second to last week of November, Revlon was hosting a Twitter giveaway for the first 500 Twitteristas to tweet the Revlon page. The first 500 people were to receive an 8 piece set of the new Fire & Ice Collection. I recieved a DM from Revlon informing me that I was one of the lucky 500!!! YAY!! I waited the alloted 4-6weeks (seemed like an eternity!) but I finally recieved my package. Delivered from UPS ;) I furiously opened the packge and out came 4 beautiful lipsticks and 4 matching nail polishes. They all were packaged in the vintage Revlon casing. Lipsticks were in a black glossy tube with the vintage Revlon script around the barrel, with a clear window on top to show the beautiful color. the nail polishes were in a clear glass bottle with the vintage black glossy top.

The lipsticks colors are:

  • Demure: A wonderful pinky-nude color (prefect with Nude Lustre on top)
  • Fire & Ice: A true bright red
  • Siren: A orange-coral color. Bright but smooth and pigmented
  • Temptress: A rosy pink
  • The nail polishes are:

    • All Fired Up
    • Demure
    • Siren
    • Temptress

    Within this collection, Revlon had re-released the first lipstick shade the company has ever created, Fire & Ice. This shade first came out in 1952. Nonetheless, These lipsticks are very smooth and have the right amount of pigment. Both Temptress and Siren are new shades. All these shades are beautiful! I personally love Siren lipstick when wanting to wear a bright lippie! Hope you guys enjoyed my post!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[[.Massive CVS Haul!.]]

So, I got the tip from a fellow blogger that CVS is having their sale on cosmetics... I immediately ran, not walked, to my local CVS. I actually went to a couple different stores to check out the selection of products... I was actually surprised by the selection of products that included L'Oreal H.I.P., Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy, and Revlon super lustrous lipglosses. I ended up picking up 9 items with a grand total of like $78.67! Wow! On the two kohl eyeliners alone, I saved over $20. Any way, here is a run down of what I bought:
  • Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy Powder Blush in Poppy
  • Orly Cosmic FX nail polish in Halley's Comet

  • Sally Hansen 12 Hour Diamond Shine lipgloss (3) Asscher, Engaging, and Gem (Two of these came with an invisible lipliner as a bonus.)

  • Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in Nude Lustre & Lilac Pastelle (not pictured)

  • L'Oreal H.I.P. Kohl eyeliners in Black & Burgundy
    I am overall very pleased with everything I picked up. To be honest, I would not have picked up half of these items if they weren't on sale. I have not tried anything from the Sally Hansen/Carmindy collection, so I was excited when I saw this blush on sale. I got it home and realized that I had a blush that was similar to it, Wet N Wild's Pearlescent Pink. Anywho, I did try it yesterday and it was a little too sheer for my skintone. But I will try it again. The Orly nail polish is wonderful! It is a greenish-blue with plenty of shimmer and sparkles. The lipglosses retail at more than $6 a piece, I dont like spending more than $5 on anything in a drug store. I love the lipglosses for the fact that they have pretty duochromes. The white one flashes with a pinkish, sort of magenta color. So gorgeous! I missed out on the Cham Pale lipgelees but these are a nice dupe! These have the same flash/duochrome wothout the chunky glitter that can get left over after the gloss wears off. Score!!! Lol ;) More lip stuff... The Revlon super lustrous glosses are smooth and evenly pigmented. They have a very light formula. I got Nude lustre the first time around, then spotted Lilac pastelle, and I had to pick it up. I heard somewhere that it might be a good dupe for M.A.C.'s cremesheen glass in Ever so rich. I picked it up since I used my cremesheen glass sparingly so I don't run out. I got it home and it's a bit thicker than I thought. I use it with a little clear gloss to get clost enough to the cremesheen. I got the kohl liners because I always wanted to try them. I also thought it would be easier to cut the crease with these liners. I used them for about a week now. You get a bit of fall out but the pigmentation and smoothness is worth it.