Saturday, November 14, 2009

[Snob Haul/Review...]

So, this had been put off because I didn't think that my camera worked... But it takes basic pics (no zooming or anything). Anyway, I picked up some things over the past couple of weeks but never got around to blogging about it. Last week, I also picked up my HG makeup remover wipe, Epielle makeup wipes. These are a dollar for 30! I cut mine in half, so 60 for $1. What a great product. At dollar general, I picked up an E.L.F. foundation brush. I love the E.L.F. line of brushes, I have about 4. This is a staple for my makeup kit.

The next thing I purchased is the L.A. Color Mascara in Very Black. Its really good, gives length. And at only a $1?!?!? How could I not purchase it?

Maybelline Great Lip Color with M.A.C. C-Thru lipglass on top...
Maybelline Shine Seduction lipcolor in #620

Anyway, while going to purchase a festive bag at the dollar store for my friends baby shower, I spotted the Maybelline Shine Seduction glossy lipcolor. It looked like a nude color gloss with no shimmer, and I have been trying to find dupes for M.A.C. cremesheen glasses. I hurried up and opened the package on my way to the baby shower and I was so happy I bought two! Its #620. In my opinion, its like a mix of boy bait and partial to pink cremesheen glasses. Also, I purchased a Maybelline Great Wear lip color in Flesh #230. Its a great nudy pinky color. I needed another nude lipstick 'cause I have one but its super frosty... I don't like to wear it too often, so i needed another nude lipstick. It is a great find... Anyway, while I was at T.J. Maxx, I saw Nars Sets of the Monoi and south beach body oils and the lipgloss sets... They were reasonably priced. $19.99 for a lipgloss set. I am going to probably purchase the lipgloss sets next week...

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