Friday, September 18, 2009

[Snob Haulin':Sally's & Target]

I went to Target with my bestie Steph yesterday because she wanted to purchase her very first pair of false eyelashes... YAY!! [side note: I got her hooked onto M.A.C. tee hee]. Anywhoo, we picked out Ardell lashes, i believe #45. She has very long lashes but just wanted to add volume. So, she asked me to pick them out. [More of that later in the post] But anyway, I bought Andrea eyelash glue and a rayon hairnet (my alternative to buying a $12 beret at Hot Topic)... My bestie picked up everything else LOL... no seriously she had the $5 off coupon from Sallys so we split it... I got A Sally girl eyeshadow in Aqua. The eyelash glue works pretty good... But, the eyeshadow looks a bit chalky on my skintone. I will give it a try. Onto Target, I was looking through the beauty aisles (1st thing I do when I get to any store), and at the end of one beauty aisle, I saw an E.L.F. display!!! I almost nearly passed out when I saw it... I always wanted to purchase E.L.F. online, but didn't want to to pay the ridiculous shipping charges. There were brushes, lip glosses, lashes, eyeshadows and kits. Anyway, i bought two eyeshadow brushes. I thought the brush was part of the studio edition because of the black handle but, no. It is a special edition brush (says on the package). I love the brushes because it isn't to soft or too dense, just what I was looking for. I am pretty happy with my purchase. Back to my friend and her first lash experience, she was really happy how it came out looking, not too over the top...

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