Friday, September 11, 2009

[I remember when...]

I specifically remember when September 11th happened. I was in art class in the 8th grade. I remember one of my friends screaming, "Are we goin to die?!?!" The teacher did not know what was goin on and she pointed to the t.v. screen that she can see through the adjoining teacher's classroom window. (The classrooms were joined by one wall). I got really scared and noticed that it looked rainy outside. My mom blew up my cell phone at that exact moment and told me that my aunt will be picking me and not to worry. I don't remember getting to my house but I just remember watching the t.v. and my mom trying to call our family in N.Y. We couldn't get through and we just eventually waited to get a call from them. The images that are forever burned in my head are seeing the millions of pieces of paper flying through the air and the numerous amounts of people waving in the windows.... Till this day, I can never watch the buildings go down, it gives me a funny feeling in my stomach, almost nauseousness. I pray for those families that were affected in the attacks, from the police and firefighters that suffer numerous respiratory diseases because of the toxic air to the families that lost family members. It affects all Americans even 8 years later... and the event is still fresh in the minds of the public. I hope nothing like this would ever happen again.

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