Monday, September 21, 2009

[Snob Haulin':M.A.C.]

I went to the mall today with the hopes of snatchin up the Make Up for Ever set that Sephora had on their website... I'm kinda weary of buying cosmetics online because of the sizes of products..but anywhoo.... I went to Macy's with expectations of paying my bill and buying absolutely nothing... Anyway, I went to M.A.C. in Macy's and struck up a conversation with the MUA there. She was a really pretty Asian girl and she said how she has been working at M.A.C. for 3 years and how she has her own freelance makeup artist [she was really inspiring]... Back to the makeup, I really wanted rated 'R' when it came out but saw that it quickly sold out at my local M.A.C. store and M.A.C. in Macy's. So, I asked her if she has rated 'r', just on a hunch... And lo and behold, she said she had one!!! I was so happy! She said a customer had a reserve on it and never came to purchase it. LOL She said she put it up in the eyeshadow display but didn't tell anybody... so SHHHHHH!!!! After I purchased that, my adrenaline was flowin and asked her to recommend me an eyeshadow and she recommended a bright color... so I picked out Hepcat... I LURVE this eyeshadow... Its sort of a frost with a duochrome... LOVE MY PURCHASE!!!!

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