Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[My BFF(Barbie For F'in Ever)'s BDay!!]

It's Princess Che's 21st birthday!! I wanted to do an honorary post for her... She is the bestest friend in the world!! She is such a caring and loving person it's unbelievable!! I love this girl like a sister... It's been almost 8 years and counting since we first met in middle school... and its history from there... We went through everything together... first boyfriends, drivers licenses, everything! If anything (God forbid) would happen to her, I have no idea what i would do to myself... She is the greatest friend a girl could have... I got her back through thick and thin and sickness and health... lol I feel like i'm wirting vows... lol... It's that serious!! I hope you have an amazing day!!! And don't get too wasted LMAO!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RHETTIE!!!!!!!
Love you.... XOXO

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