Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[[.Snob Reviews: L'Oreal SkinGenesis Line.]]

A while back, I was browsing through Ross for their beauty products. Recently, a lot of people on the Interweb (lol) were raving about Ross and the products that they carry in their beauty section. I saw a lot of Calvin Klein makeup (foundation, powder, blushes) and their usual nail polish and lipgloss sets. I was looking for the Bare Escentuals sets that they most often have, but came up empty-handed. I was also looking for products for my skincare regimen and I hit the jackpot. I was looking for a good brand to incorporate into my non-existent skincare regimen. I stumbled across the L'Oreal SkinGenesis Eye serum. It was just what I was looking for. I later found the Skin Genesis Micro Smoothing face wipes.
Here's a rundown on the products...

Skin Genesis Eye Serum
This product claims to diminish the signs of dark circles and minimize puffiness. It states that you will have brighter eyes in 4 weeks. It also states that it has a skin perfecting complex of Vitamin CP and caffeine. Side note: I am a compete sucker for packaging and I love the size and shape of the bottle.

What I have experienced with the product:
I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my dark circles

My eyes have appeared a bit brighter than before
This is a nice, light formula for the eye area. I have experienced some eye creams that were thicker in texture

$5.99 at Ross. This product is usually around $10 in drugstores (CVs, Walgreens, etc.)

Can't beat that deal!

Skin Genesis Micro Smoothing Towelettes

This product claims to make makeup removal and skin cleansing a breeze... The package states that the fabric used in the towelette grips onto the dirt and impurities on the skin better than traditional wipes. It also has BHA to "naturally enhance cellular renewal to provide smoother, brighter, and fresher skin." It also says that it gently cleanses the skin with natural respect to the skin's moisture balance.

What I have experienced with this product:

I really like the feeling of the fabric on my skin as I'm cleansing. It really wipes out all the dirt and makeup off in a quick swipe. It has a tingly sensation after using them (might be BHA working). I have noticed that my skin is much smoother than before and the appearance of my pores has reduced. I also noticed that makeup goes on a little smoother (especially around my undereyes.)




I woulddefinitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a full skincare regimen. It is great for someone that likes to use one brand or line for a skincare regimen. I plan on getting the pore minimizing wash and daily moisturizer.

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