Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[[.The Power of Coupons..]]

Saving money is always #1 in my book. Just being able to save a couple of dollars here and there can really make a difference. And when it comes to makeup and cosmetics, it really can make a significant difference. Recently, I was browsing through the Latina magazine and saw an advertisement for the new Maybelline FitMe products. It had samples of all 18 shades on the front and 2 coupons on the back page. I really have had my eye on a new foundation since my Revlon Colorstay is too dark for me. So I went ahead and tore out the page. It was my birthday last week, and I decided to buy some makeup for a late birthday present. I quickly checked out Nouveau Cheap's blog to see the weekly sales at my local drug stores... Score! Maybelline FitMe products were marked down 40%!!! I quickly hurried to Walgreens and picked out the foundation, concealer and blush. I ran to the register and whipped out my coupons... Here is the rundown...
- Maybelline FitMe Concealer #35 $3.89 sale price
- Maybelline FitME Blush in Deep Rose 3.29 sale price
- Maybelline FitMe Foundation in #355 4.79 sale price
With $4 in manufacturing coupons ($1 off foundation, $3 off 2 FitMe products)
My total came out to $8.69 (with tax)!!! On the bottom of the receipt, it says WAG Advertised savings: $8. MFG Coupon savings: $4. My total savings were $12!!! I love it! When being on a budget, using coupons can help you purchase items that can be a bit out of budget. Coupons can also save more money when matched up to the advertisements on savings in-store. Side note: Have you guys seen the show on TLC called "Extreme Couponing"?? I love that show, but I wouldn't be stockpiling toothpaste or anything like that... LOL. But since I have sen that show since it first premiered, it really has been clipping coupons and looking out for printable coupons online. Tammy of Portrait of a Lady has also posted about coupons and savings she has used... Check it out.. Oh, before I forget, I just got a $5 off coupons from Physician's Formula for an eye booster or any other product... I got it from Oh, and that lipgloss that you see in the picture above??? I got it for $1 at the Dollar Tree! What makes it amazing is that it was a long discontinued limited edition color. It had sold out over a year ago after Lauren QueenOfBlending mentioned it in one of her Youtube vids. I had to have it and might go back... Well, that is my little post on couponing! Happy shopping!

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