Sunday, August 22, 2010

[[.Haul Time: Dollar Tree & Dollar Store!.]]

Wow, I totally forgot to take a collective picture but will update later. Anywho, I went to the Dollar Tree 2x today because I had to pick up various items. I ended up picking up N.Y.C.'s Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder (2) and Almays Pure Blends Mascara (2). I bought this because I want to use the darker shade to contour and have heard wonderful things about this... This is Bronze Mist #718
I bought the mascara earlier in the day and I completely fell in the love with it. It is 97.5%natural, what is absolutely wonderful. The formula is very light. This mascara is the sh*t! I freakin' love it. It so amazing!! Best mascara I have tried next to my M.A.C. Dazzlelash. And at a freakin' dollar! I got to go back to get about 2 more. The brush is cool. It has like a comb and two sides and 2 rows of fibers just like a reg mascara... if that makes sense? Anywho, it separates and covers each lash but doesn't leave it clumpy or goopy! Man, where has this mascara been all my life! If you're going pasta dollar tree, get this!
So, I stopped by a local dollar/beauty supply store, hopeful to find NYX. I didn't find it, but I did spot some good ass deals. The cashier was very nice in pointing me in the direction of their sale items. These particular bins had items marked as $.75! I wanted to buy NYX's candy glitter liners at the beauty supply in my last post, but found these at a better deal. So my grand total was $2.39! That is less than 1 NYX Candy glitter liner! So, I'm very happy with my purchase and might be going back for more...
The brand is called Love Me 365, and the product name is Stardust glitter liner.
Colors (from R to L): Santa Monica (blue), 3rd Street Promenade (green), and Beverly Blvd. (Gold)

Colors from L-R: Blue, Green, Gold.

And that's the end! Hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to follow me on Twitter! I'm always on!

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