Thursday, August 5, 2010

[[.FOTD: Bronzey brown eyes...]]

So, today I went out looking for a job. I wanted to do a nice, smokey look but light enough for a job interview. I just went to apply for a few jobs, and had a little impromptu interview... Anyway, after that, I had went to Walgreens & Dollar General to see if I could pick up makeup goodies. I went to Walgreens and saw the usual buy one, get one 50% off... Whatever happened to the buy one, get one free?? Anyway, apparently Physician's Formula is not a great seller and spotted a ton of products on sale. Anyway, I purchased a L'Oreal Studio Secrets Chrome Liquid Eyeliner in Bronze Shimmer. (Review coming soon.) Oh, I also purchased my first 120 palette from eBay a few days ago... Yay! Now, I just have to wait for 2-3 weeks till it gets here. I bought it for a whopping $13.50! Most palettes are in the range of $20-$30! (YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!) GREAT NEWSSSSSS: GUESS WHO CALLED ME TUESDAY AFTERNOON??!??!?! LADY BURD COSMETICS!!! At first thought, I was thinking "Why in the world are THEY calling me?". The nice lady just said that they wanted to confirm my address to send the catalogue. I'm thinking, "Okay, completely normal". Then she goes onto to tell me about a launch party!!! Anyway, I'm definitely going and will update you guys. UMM, I lost my train of thought... Oh! Here are the pics of my FOTD.... By the way, I apologize for the blurry pics. A new camera is in the works! I will add more pics once my internet stops acting stupid. Besitos.

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