Friday, January 1, 2010

[Snob Haulin': Sawgrass Mills & Walmart!]

So, I went to Sawgrass Mills (2X) with my besties today... One time with Steph in the afternoon and again with Che at round 7. I went in the afternoon with Steph because she wanted to buy me some stuff as a late Christmas present. She got me drizzlegold loose beauty powder and jewelmarine glitter at the CCO at Off Saks 5th. I was so happy! I love M.A.C.! Also, I purchased nice to be nice lipglass from the Hello Kitty collection. I missed out on this lipglass when Hello Kitty came out and never forgave myself for it, but I finally purchased it. For the second trip, I took Che to the CCO because she never knew where it was. I really wanted to get more stuff (I got my paycheck before I went) and she wanted stuff too, so off we went. I wanted to purchase more stuff (Valentines lipgelee & Reflects Transparent Teal) but I wanted to slow down on buying M.A.C. But guess what??? Che got me a M.A.C. gift card for a late christmas present!! I am the happiest little girl in the world right now! I ended up just purchasing Blue Flame eyeshadow and synched up 3D lipglass at the CCO... Next stop: Wally World! I needed a new makeup box, so I hit up Walmart to get a sterilite container to store my evergrowing makeup collection. I bought a 3 drawer Tomorow I will probably go to M.A.C. and use my giftcard... Enjoy the pics... Besitos! (P.S. HAPPY NEW YEARS!)
These pics do not do this glitter any justice!

Blue Flame eyeshadow very pretty (I depotted this and my other eyeshadow Hepcat) My NEW makeup box
Drawer one: Eyes Drawer Two: Lips Drawer Three: Face
NEW brush holder (pencil cup)

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