Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Paint FX Cosmetics]

Last week, I finally recieved my shipment of samples from Paint FX Cosmetics. I had ordered 4 pigments from their penny sampler promotion on the site.I had ordered Emote (dark shimmery green), Eminent Sparxx (royal shimmery blue), Malignity Rouge (burgundy with shimmer) and tonic (matte bright purple). I also ordered samples of glitter. I got one for my friend in frictious Z and got myself oath (reddish burgundy glitter). The penny sampler is a great option fro anyone that does not want to make a commitment to a full jar. The baggies look pretty small but you can get a good amount of uses from them. The colors are very pigmented and smooth... So thats my sort of "review". Check them out...

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