Saturday, August 22, 2009

[It's just not my scene...]

Last night, I went to a going away party with my two friends.... We were thinking that the party was goin to be poppin' and whatever... We walk into the house and theres music blasting and people just standing around... My friends and I just looked at each other... We just shrugged it off and stood around thinking that party might pick up... COMPLETE FAIL!!!! The music was real good but my friend and I [we're both 20, her sis is 18] were just out of place... I'm thinking that we past that stage... Anyway, theres a keg and bottles everywhere... [NOT GOOD]. People were trying to dance [I REPEAT: TRYING]... My friend and I just felt bad for chick...she was looking like a damn dog in heat.... ANYWHOO, long story short... house parties are so 5 years ago [at least to me and my friend]... I think we will just stick to clubs...less f***foolery walking around....

[I didn't post pics cause it wasn't worth it...and need a new camera.]

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