Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Review: Salon Perfect-Perfect Brow Grooming Kit

Hey guys! I'm dropping in to do a quick review on a product that I spotted at Wal-Mart yesterday. I had a doctor's appointment with my little one, only to find out the front desk lady wrote the wrong month on the appointment card. FML. Anyway, I ended up hitting up Wal-Mart for some household items. I was browsing near the cosmetics and found a section of clearance items. First thing I spotted is the Salon Perfect Brow Grooming kit.It was $3! It was marked from $5.32. I didn't even see that the kit contained and just threw it in my cart. I was excited to get home and open the package to see my find. I opened the package and it contains four tools; 2 razors (trim & shape razor & a precision shaper), 1 brow/comb brush, & a brow grooming pencil (wax). It has everything that I need to groom the perfect eyebrow. In case you are not so sure how to start grooming your eyebrows, it even has a small pamphlet that can guide you.

The razors that come in the package are just the right size to get in between, under and around the brows. One of the razors ( the precision shaper) is actually shaped like a regular razor but with a very small head. It says, per the packaging, that the precision shaper is great and prefect for use under the brows to create the perfect arch. I personally use it to get in between my brows and shape the tail end of my brows. The other razor included is a typical brow razor but extremely sharp. Please use caution with these tools. The brow comb/brush is a normal plastic one that you see everywhere; nothing special. The wax pencil in the kit is a very nice size. I know that this will last me a while. The cap has a built in sharpener so you can sharpen it right there when you need it. Not like the other times where you're digging through you stash to find a sharpener (happens to me all the time).
Overall, this kit is great when you're just starting out with grooming your brows (the pamphlet is very helpful).  I attached a pic of my brow after I groomed it. I forgot to take a before picture. Let me know if you guys will like a brow picture tut. Have a nice day guys!

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  1. Its a razor so doesnt it give you ingrowths and dark skin. IS it safe to use on the face