Saturday, March 16, 2013

Currently watching on YouTube (shameless plug)

Hey guys! I'm back with another post.. slowly getting back into things one day at a time. So, I took the time today to promote a dear friend of mine. Her name is LittleMsCheChe on YouTube and she is an amzing person. We have known each other for years now & she is the best friend that anyone can ask for. [Sorry I had to start with the mushy-mushy emotional stuff] Anywhoo, she just started out on the YouTube beauty community. She has only a couple of videos uploaded but it is about quality, not quantity. Her personality is bubbly and her smile is infectious. I would love for you guys to take a look at her vids. They are entertaining and not the typical bandwagon videos. If you guys are looking around on YouTube, check her out! Thanks guys! 

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