Friday, December 9, 2011

[[.I'm still here...]]

<p>Hey chicas! Long time, no talk. It has been a world wind of the past couple months, so I owe it to my readers to explain why. In the past couple months, I moved out of my mom's and into my own apartment along with my fiance. Yay! I have wanted to move out for a long time and was a big relief. Addition to that, I have been working a lot to try to furnish our new place. It's hard to furnish on a budget,  believe me. Another reason why I have been on a hiatus is because my laptop crapped out on me. :(  Hopefully, within the next couple weeks, I can buy either a new laptop or a tablet to start blogging again. I appreciate all your comments and taking out the time to visit my blog. I will be back to posting soon!

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