Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[[.Massive CVS Haul!.]]

So, I got the tip from a fellow blogger that CVS is having their sale on cosmetics... I immediately ran, not walked, to my local CVS. I actually went to a couple different stores to check out the selection of products... I was actually surprised by the selection of products that included L'Oreal H.I.P., Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy, and Revlon super lustrous lipglosses. I ended up picking up 9 items with a grand total of like $78.67! Wow! On the two kohl eyeliners alone, I saved over $20. Any way, here is a run down of what I bought:
  • Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy Powder Blush in Poppy
  • Orly Cosmic FX nail polish in Halley's Comet

  • Sally Hansen 12 Hour Diamond Shine lipgloss (3) Asscher, Engaging, and Gem (Two of these came with an invisible lipliner as a bonus.)

  • Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in Nude Lustre & Lilac Pastelle (not pictured)

  • L'Oreal H.I.P. Kohl eyeliners in Black & Burgundy
    I am overall very pleased with everything I picked up. To be honest, I would not have picked up half of these items if they weren't on sale. I have not tried anything from the Sally Hansen/Carmindy collection, so I was excited when I saw this blush on sale. I got it home and realized that I had a blush that was similar to it, Wet N Wild's Pearlescent Pink. Anywho, I did try it yesterday and it was a little too sheer for my skintone. But I will try it again. The Orly nail polish is wonderful! It is a greenish-blue with plenty of shimmer and sparkles. The lipglosses retail at more than $6 a piece, I dont like spending more than $5 on anything in a drug store. I love the lipglosses for the fact that they have pretty duochromes. The white one flashes with a pinkish, sort of magenta color. So gorgeous! I missed out on the Cham Pale lipgelees but these are a nice dupe! These have the same flash/duochrome wothout the chunky glitter that can get left over after the gloss wears off. Score!!! Lol ;) More lip stuff... The Revlon super lustrous glosses are smooth and evenly pigmented. They have a very light formula. I got Nude lustre the first time around, then spotted Lilac pastelle, and I had to pick it up. I heard somewhere that it might be a good dupe for M.A.C.'s cremesheen glass in Ever so rich. I picked it up since I used my cremesheen glass sparingly so I don't run out. I got it home and it's a bit thicker than I thought. I use it with a little clear gloss to get clost enough to the cremesheen. I got the kohl liners because I always wanted to try them. I also thought it would be easier to cut the crease with these liners. I used them for about a week now. You get a bit of fall out but the pigmentation and smoothness is worth it.

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