Saturday, December 11, 2010

[[.My Huge Wet n Wild Haul!!.]]

So, I have hauled most of the new Wet n Wild products in the past month or two. I got most of the most palettes. I just picked up the Lust and Pride palettes for $2.59 each, at Walgreens. Well, everything I picked was mostly on sale, that why my hauls were so sporadic. I got everything else for under $2.I really like the palettes. The colors are pigmented and can be combined interchangably. I know there are plenty of bloggers that have already posted swatches of the palettes, so I have save your pretty eyes the time!
The blushes are smooth and pigmented. Pearlescent Pink has a little bit of shimmer, but it still is smooth. Heather silk is a great color on my NW45 (mineralized satinfinish foundation). It gives just the right amount of color on my cheeks. Oh, and right after I opened Heather silk, I dropped it. :( I repressed it...
The lipsticks are very pigmented and they are a matte finish. These are a little much on my lips, personally. I usually put a little on and sheer them down with a gloss.
They are very pretty. And I got them for $1.50 each!

I also picked up the Arch Envy brow pencil. It is a pencil with a waxy feel, that puts down just enough color, without being too harsh as traditional brow pencil and comes with a wax pencil on the other side. Lol, you have seen my eyebrows (they get cray-cray, like xppinkx says) and this lays the hair down nicely.

All in all, I am very happy with this massive purchase! Pigmentation, price point and value are A++! I would definitely recommend these products! Wet n Wild is definitely stepping their game up! Their nail polishes are amazing also.

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