Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Blog Sale

  • Paypal only
  • Comment here telling me what you want with your paypal email address and shipping address to calculate shipping. MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CURRENT BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME, I WILL NOT SHIP TO ANY OTHER REQUESTED ADDRESS!
  • Currently, this is a US only Sale. Until I work out shipping, this is how it goes. ;)
  • First come first serve.
  • Payment must be paid within 2 hours. I won't put anything on hold longer than that. If you feel like it's too much, offer me something. Just don't lowball me please. 
  • Everything is sold as is.
  • No returns.
  • Once it's in the hands of the postal service I am not responsible for damaged items.
  • Minimum Orders of $5!
  • Feedback: I just got a MUa account and I have only 1 token from a while back.

Standard Shipping
Between $4.00-$6.50 depending on your location & bulk of shipment. (all include $.80 DC code)
I want to be fair so it will not be more than the price listed above, assuming you live in Florida. 

On we go! 

Hello Kitty Tahitian Sand beauty powder 
- Used 2X. Its too light for my skintone. I scratched the surface b/c I thought it was a little dry. Comes with the box.

Revlon ColorStay mineral finishing powders in Sunkiss & Suntan Matte 
- Used 2 or 3X. It doesn't show up on my skintone. 
Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
-Still in packaging & sealed. 

All for $10

Stila Illuminating finishing powder in Bronze 
Used 5-6X. Part of a Sephora set. A little smush on top of the powder but still fully domed. Will be a little more to ship. 

Sally Hansen natural powder blush in Poppy.
-Used 10X. Has some beading on the surface of blush from use. It looks like a dupe of Orgasm ? 

LadyBurd Cosmetics (the company that makes wholesale products like Ruthless Cosmetics, etc.)
Blush in Dark Natural 
-Used probably 3X. Comes with brush. 
Highlighter in Warm (in a click pen style with brush) Both for $3

Wet N Wild LE palette in Sugarplum Fairy w/ eyeliner $5
- Used 4X (?). A little dip in the shadow in bottom right corner. Liner used maybe once. 

Milani Runway Eyes in Beauty in Blues 
- Used 2X max
Milani Infinite liquid e/l in Everlast
- Used 3-4X. The liner is a little goopy; don't know how to revive it but it does the job 
Both for $7

Rimmel Glam Eyes in Urban Flower
-Used 3X.
L'Oreal H.I.P. e/s in Riotous & Platinum. 
-Both used about 10X. Riotous has a chunk smushed in the pan but not broken.
Alison Raffaele e/s in Bittersweet.
-Swatched 2X. Bought from Hautelook.
Sally Girl Baked e/s in green
-Used a few times. Still domed. 
The Body Shop eye color in deep jade
All for $10

Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment in Gem & Asscher 
                                                                            Both for $6

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