Friday, February 11, 2011

[[.M.A.C. Wonder Woman Haul & Goodies!.]]

Today, I headed down to my local M.A.C. freestanding store to look at the Wonder Woman collection. I was kind of standoffish after all that I have heard and seen in the Blogosphere. Whatever. I headed down there with my bestie Steph in tow. I walked in, and was surprised that there were not more people in the store. Anyway, I met a wonderful MUA named Jason and he made my experience wonderful. I looked at the display and was indecisive. But one thing kept jumping out at me, "Those lipglosses are f***'ing huge!!!!!!!". They were humongously huge, just like everyone said. I would be looking ridiculous using that. Although, they were pretty color glosses; I skipped out on them. The lipsticks did catch my eye; well, only one. I ended up picking Spitfire lipstick because it was such a unique color and I have nothing similar.

Next, I moved on to the face products. There were 2 MSF's and 2 blushes. I skipped on the blushes because I have similar colors in my collection and they are easily dupe-able. Next, the MSF's. I never owned a MSF before and I was excited. The only thing that kept repeating in my head, "Will I ever use up all of this in my lifetime??". Lol. The MUA Jason assured me that I would not be disappointed with buying this. I took his word for it. It looked beautiful swatched and I decided to buy it.

While chatting it up about everything M.A.C., he gave me a sneak peak of Viva Glam Gaga 2! We walked over to the table, and he let me put on the lipstick with the accompanying lipgloss. He topped it off with a little hodgepodge lipliner. Love it!
Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick and lipgloss

Well, here are the swatches (I'm sure you have seen them already):
MSF in Golden Lariat (mixed, three colors separated)
Spitfire Lipstick
Hope you enjoyed my post!

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